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Two days ago i ran 4miles non-stop at good pace, then yesterday i could only do 2miles. It all depends on whats going on in my head and how i'm feeling. During the 4mile run Britney Spears was on MuchMusic and i really think that helped me through most of it. When my mind wonders i guess it starts asking why am i on this treadmill!

You know i think 4miles is one of my longest runs in a while, i remember some where i ran 5miles but that must have been ages ago since i have very little recollection of it. Anyways what i'm ponder is .. even after a very long run i didn't get sore the next day. You know how they say you have to change the intensity over time?? So that your body can adjust to change? Well i did change .. i boosted my incline up to 2.5 and i'm running at a 4.2!

Right now i'm just wondering why i'm running. What is the purpose of it? To lose weight??? Well if thats true .. its not really working (or its super super slow and i'm not seeing the results). Am i doing it to gain muscle? Yeah but i'm not sore so that means i'm not building muscle mass. Am i doing it to be faster? Sure .. yeah .. but its not working either. I think if i can increase my indurance and stamina i would be really happy. I've been running at this 3mile mark since i started. I want to be running 5miles at a time. Why am i so slow to progress??]]>
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Ack .. i miss running. For the last couple of days i've been running and running like a maniac. They say you're suppose to run every other day so that you can recover. I really find that hard to believe since there are people out there who run everyday on a routine basis .. so whats all this garbage of don't over train? Personally because i am beginner i have to take this advice to heart. I know my body has to adjust to new dose of exercise but i feel fine. I want to run! I'm not sore and i like pushing my body to the limit. My only fear is that i get injuried .. i really won't be able to run and i'de have to take the time off. And if that happens .. getting back on to the band wagon is very tough.

Free Weights! Just got new free weights .. icky. I'm not sure how to use them yet but they look a little scary. I wonder how long you're suppose to be working with the weights. I can run for 45mins a day but i can't even imagine 30mins of continueous weight lifting. Ouchie! And not to mention boring!]]>
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